Best Romantic Things to do in Manali For Couples

Being able to hold the hand of your beloved person in the snow and mountains. Walking through the snowy thick pine forests is one of the best ways to enjoy your time in Manali. There’s a lot of loveliness to be found in Manali for couples. The stunning mountain ranges that meet the night sky are the ideal place to enjoy an unforgettable time as the couple. The warmth of a warm blanket and taking beautiful photographs of your spouse is the most wonderful thing you can do together. There’s a great deal of excitement for Manali in newlywed couples that want to share their most memorable moments in this idyllic location.

Place to Explore in Manali for Couples

Here are some places to explore in Manali as a couple , and take pleasure in the moments of being together.

1. Hadimba Temple :

The very first aspect of any ritual performed to begin a new journey is always seeking blessings from God. In Manali, you must visit the famous temple dedicated to goddess Hadimba and receive blessings together. Couples must make it a point to visit the Hadimba temple during this auspicious time.

The temple, which was built in 1553, showcases intricate wood carvings and boasts a roof that stands three stories high. The topmost point is the roof is shaped in brass, making this temple distinct in comparison to other religious sites and others tourist in India. The temple is close to Manali therefore, one is able to easily include this in their travel itinerary.

2. Rohtang Pass

Nearly 51 kilometres from Manali the stunning beauty of mountain ranges is an essential stop to enjoy a romantic getaway. It’s an extremely risky road to drive on as the name suggests. Rohtang refers to the “ground of corpses. Like paragliding, skiing, skateboarding, snow scooters, and numerous others. Take a look at this beautiful and stunning view of the mountains and feel the adrenaline rush. However, if you return to Manali There are plenty of possibilities for staying.

3. Kullu valley

A stunning valley surrounded with apple orchards surrounded by deodar trees. Couples can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time taking in the beauty of this valley.

It is called”the valley of Gods. There are a variety of options for activities to be undertaken by couples , such as mountaineering, river rafting, paragliding and even hiking. Experience camping in the midst of the Himalayas. There are a variety of places to go to in Kullu which will enhance your trekking experience. Couples are sure to enjoy this gorgeous valley for the pure joy of being together.

4. Gulaba

Another attraction to be found in Manali is the village Gulaba located at a distance between 21.5km from Manali in the direction of Rohtang pass, you can reach there by choosing car rental service. If winter is the time when Rohtang passes are closed, couples can travel to Gulaba and enjoy a variety of adventurous sporting activities together. The ideal spot to practice skiing, or simply enjoy the beauty of this snow-covered area during winter. Long walks with your partner and heart-to-heart talks among the pine trees that are covered in snow. The weather throughout Gulaba can set the ideal mood for a romantic evening. You can also experience the thrill of paragliding through the mountains and enjoying nature together.

5. Solang Valley

This is the top of the cake for couples. Couples can enjoy a snowy stroll through Solang valley. This stunning valley is located close to Beas Kund River. Beas Kund River. After soaking in the splendor in the Solang valley, couples can go to the main river of Himachal Pradesh i.e. Beae Kund. Don’t forget to bring strawberries along the way.

There are a few spots where couples can share the time they want to spend together and create a memorable experience. If you’re not one for adventure, the resorts offer plenty. Excellent resorts can provide an unforgettable holiday. Besides, being close to Himalayan beauty is enough to make for a memorable stay. The fond memories of a time spent together in Manali will bring back memories when you leave this beautiful location.

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