Goechala Trek – Detailed Guide of the Simplest Trek In India

It’s always beyond appearance. It’s usually bigger than it seems. And it’s always more difficult than it appears.” For those who are prepared to test these three principles, we offer an ideal guide to Goechala Trek. These are the basic “three laws of mountain riding.” Take the arduous 11-day trek and walk around 90 kilometers of always changing and ever-challenging terrain with this tailor-made Goechala guide on your next Sikkim trip.

The appeal of the most demanding peaks is enjoyed as you begin on the exhilarating Goechala trek journey from Mount Kanchenjunga to Mount Pandim, and from the Three Sisters to the great Everest. While Sikkim struggles to find a complete balance between the natural beauty of its flora and wildlife, trekking in Sikkim is especially necessary for a few walking souls on the Goechala trek. If your hunger for an adventure has been satisfied, move on with our guide to the Trek of Goechala, that’s all you need for an exciting trip.

  • Location: Sikkim Western
  • Point of departure: Yusom
  • Finishing point: La Goecha
  • Altitude: up to 16,200 ft. Altitude.
  • Length: 11 days 11 days (upward & downward trek)
    • Distance : 90 Km. Around level of difficulty: At first moderate but later, with changing terrains, the journey becomes challenging

    La Trek Goecha Best time: from April to May and from October to November

    The Trek Goes Morning and night temperatures: from -5°C to 10°C; daytime: from 10°C to 25°C.

    Accommodation Options available: tents, trekking lodgings & guest house on the route

    The most renowned path for trekkers is one that takes you via the town of Dzongri, past Phedang and up to Thangsing, depending on their experience, their practicality and their convenience. If you cannot proceed from Phedang to Dzongri and hike upwards, you would lose the spirit of the whole trip.

    Goechala Trek Itinerary

    If you plan to stick to the customary itinerary and enjoy the full journey as it should be done, the whole Goechala trek should not exceed 11 days for both routes. However, if you want to take your own time or spend an additional day or two at any of these places, you have to choose the right place.

    Why Is Goechala Trek the simplest Trek In India?

    The magnificent view of the mountains is one of the main causes for the Goechala Trek. This trip is viewed by Trekkers as closer to one of Nepal’s challenging treks.

    Another incentive to pick Goechala for all hikers is to see dawn on the Kanchenjunga Range.

    One of the most prominent features of the Goechala trip is Samiti Lake. The stunning vistas of the lake’s calm waters and the reflections of the Pandim mountain in the lake are a visual delight.

    Goechala Trek Cost

    An average budget per person for an eleven-day trip, which covers typical lodging, food and other expenses which include the allowance fee, camping tents, trekking equipment, yak fee, porters and so on, has been taken into account. An average budget of up to INR 20,000 per person for an 11-day goechala trip.

    Things You Must Experience On A Goechala Trek

    You come practically face to face with Mt. Kanchenjunga if you go on an excursion to Goechala. The base camp for the Kanchenjunga Trek is recognised as Goechala. Glaciers, rocky landscape, flora and animals, and a magnificent Samiti Lake greet you together for a wonderful lifetime.

    Interact with the local people in Yuksom

    Yuksom is a lovely hamlet in West Sikkim, lush, and untouched, and must be explored on its Goechala Trek. In addition, Apart from its natural beauty, the hospitality, and the kindness of the inhabitants who are always welcoming people with their too cheerful smiles are what surprises you.

    The charm of nature in Bakhim is mesmerizing

    Bakhim, wrapped in the deep magnolia, rhododendron, orchids and ferns woods, are just a haven for hikers to relax and enjoy panoramic views. Moreover, The panorama of the valleys, mountains, and Prekchu River is like a cake sherry!

    Fill your soul with the wonderful views of the Dzongri summit

    The Dzongri Summit is the greatest portion of the Goechala Trek, which allows tourists to nourish their starving spirit with the glowing 360 degree mountain vistas. On top of a hill in the magnificent setting of the Himalayan range the peak lies at a height of 4,250 meters.

    Testify to Tshoka Morning Glory

    Tsokha is a little refugee resort in Kanchenjunga National Park. Located on an elevation of 3,400 meters, which is the excellent overnight stop for walking tourists. It is recognised for giving tourists the most stunning views over Mt. Pandini’s dawn.

    Tips for Goechala’s essential packaging

    Do not leave the house before you check each of these crucial items from your Goechala Tour packaging checklist.

    1. First of all: 1. Basic equipment for trekking, water bottles refillable, sunglasses, trekking pole, rain back sack, flashlight and equally important extra battery, camera and drone (if you have one).

    Major documentation: Govt. Photo ID Card (original and 3 photo copies), 3 passport photographs, Internal Line Authorization (ILP), Medical Card and disclaimer for international nationals.

    3.Quaddle-dry clothing: warmer, rain-burner, thick socks, cotton socks, necessities, gloves, waterproof gloves, hats, balaclavas, footwear, hiking shoes and slip-boxes, padding jacket and sweaters, rain-burning jacket.

    4. Utensils: A light aluminum lunch box, a plate, a spoon, a cup, and other necessary items.

    Toilette products: sunshades, cold cream, humidifiers, toothbrush & toothpaste, toilet roll, towels.

    It summarizes almost all you need to cross off from your bucket list another hard journey. After the Travel Bug has already bitten you, unleash the adventurer within and embark on the journey to Goechala. Finally, don’t forget that the threat is real, but fear is a decision. Don’t wait, then, for a ride to the Goechala hike in the information above.

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